Are you missing this 1 thing?

OK girl, let's talk goals.

Have you set them this year yet?

It's okay if you haven't. But it's almost the end of Q1 and now's the time.

You can either finish the year strong, or wish you'd done more.

Which will it be?

(Geez, I'm coming in HOT with the tough love today!)

But that's the reality, right? Days turn into weeks. Weeks turn into months. And all of a sudden you don't have much to show for all the hard work you did.

Make your work matter

You do this by setting goals. Turning those goals into projects. And breaking down those projects into tasks. 

(This is the simple system found in my planner.)

First things first. You should have a money goal. 

Have you told your business how much money you need it make?

Write it down. 

Divide it by the remaining months of the year. 

Figure out what income sources will help you reach your monthly number, and how many you need to sell of each. 

Then break that down into projects and tasks.

These few simple steps will shed some new light on exactly WHAT you should be focusing on each week. 

So there's your homework today. 

Write down your money goal for the year.

Then map out how you're going to achieve it. 

You don't have to be a "planner person" to reach your goals. But a little planning goes a LONG way. 

Hope this helps get you started!


Shawna Brea, MBA
The Launch Planner


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