Reset your creativity to gain clarity.

Last week was NUTS!

Like traveling around the country kinda crazy. 

After flying to Phoenix to drop off my 8 month old with "nana" ...I jetted to Palm Springs to speak at the Alt Summit. 

(If you're looking for an event to attend next year, you gotta check this one out!)

My workshop was on translating your biz vision into daily action. (Hint: this is essentially the goal planning system found in our planners.)

I was absolutely thrilled that so many attendees came up to me afterward to say how amazing it was. 🙏

So so grateful for the experience, and it just showed me that there are a ton of ambitious ladies are out there searching for a simple system to follow. 

(Spoiler alert: I'll be turning the presentation into an online workshop soon!)

After my event wrapped up, I picked up my little one in PHX and we flew to meet the family in Orlando for a Disney Trip. 

It felt good to step away from work for a bit and focus on fun and relaxation. 

It's important for the mind and spirit (especially as an entrepreneur)!

If you can't fit a vacation in, even a day during the week away from the office can help reset your creativity and bring you clarity. 

Since we all just wrapped up Q1, consider gifting that to yourself!

Even if you didn't reach your goals this quarter, it's not too late to start. Especially if you want to finish the year strong. 

After taking some time away, sit down and refocus. Here are some simple steps get find your inner productivity like a CEO:

1.  Create your vision
2.  Define your goals
3.  Outline your projects
4.  Assign your tasks
5.  Organize your action

Step back, see the big picture and create a strategy to achieve it. 👊


Shawna Brea, MBA
The Launch Planner


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