How I plan like a CEO.

ceo productivity Apr 16, 2019

Yesterday, one of our boys was home sick with a 104 fever. 

It's heartbreaking to see the little ones we love in such a miserable situation. 

Especially when they are so young and can't really understand why. 

It's days like yesterday that I'm thankful for systematically planning out my weeks like a CEO.

I can move things around and still get my high-priority tasks done. 

All while still taking a sick day with my son and watching Life of Pets on repeat.

With a planning system in place, I'm able to prioritize my work, save the less important items for later, and still make an *impact* on my biz.

It starts with having a VISION for my company. 

I translate that vision into GOALS for the year. 

I turn goals into manageable monthly PROJECTS.

I break down projects into a list of TASKS.

This becomes my playbook for taking ACTION each week.

CEOs have a system for aligning their day-to-day action with a bigger company vision. 

This is my system....

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