Time to question EVERYTHING.

OK, be honest. 

When's the last time you've questioned things in your life and biz? 

I'm talking the things that have the BIGGEST impact (aka: time and money).

We tend to just "deal" with certain things because it's the only way we've known.

- We pay the bills that are due. 

- We spend hours at the grocery store. 

- We give away time and money all day. every day.

We don't even question it because it's just part of the routine.

But let's get real about one thing. Time and money are two areas that impact your life and business the MOST. 

Yet we don't stop and question how we're spending them.

Let me give you a personal example. (Because I can be just as guilty!)

My husband and I both own businesses, so we pay for family medical insurance out of our own pockets. 

And let me tell you it AIN'T CHEAP.

We evaluate our options each year but they tend to be in the same ballpark when it comes to monthly payments.

But we've never REALLY questioned if there are...

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How I plan like a CEO.

ceo productivity Apr 16, 2019

Yesterday, one of our boys was home sick with a 104 fever. 

It's heartbreaking to see the little ones we love in such a miserable situation. 

Especially when they are so young and can't really understand why. 

It's days like yesterday that I'm thankful for systematically planning out my weeks like a CEO.

I can move things around and still get my high-priority tasks done. 

All while still taking a sick day with my son and watching Life of Pets on repeat.

With a planning system in place, I'm able to prioritize my work, save the less important items for later, and still make an *impact* on my biz.

It starts with having a VISION for my company. 

I translate that vision into GOALS for the year. 

I turn goals into manageable monthly PROJECTS.

I break down projects into a list of TASKS.

This becomes my playbook for taking ACTION each week.

CEOs have a system for aligning their day-to-day action with a bigger company vision. 

This is my system....

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Reset your creativity to gain clarity.

Last week was NUTS!

Like traveling around the country kinda crazy. 

After flying to Phoenix to drop off my 8 month old with "nana" ...I jetted to Palm Springs to speak at the Alt Summit. 

(If you're looking for an event to attend next year, you gotta check this one out!)

My workshop was on translating your biz vision into daily action. (Hint: this is essentially the goal planning system found in our planners.)

I was absolutely thrilled that so many attendees came up to me afterward to say how amazing it was.

So so grateful for the experience, and it just showed me that there are a ton of ambitious ladies are out there searching for a simple system to follow. 

(Spoiler alert: I'll be turning the presentation into an online workshop soon!)

After my event wrapped up, I picked up my little one in PHX and we flew to meet the family in Orlando for a Disney Trip. 

It felt good to step away from work for a bit and focus on fun and...

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Are you missing this 1 thing?

OK girl, let's talk goals.

Have you set them this year yet?

It's okay if you haven't. But it's almost the end of Q1 and now's the time.

You can either finish the year strong, or wish you'd done more.

Which will it be?

(Geez, I'm coming in HOT with the tough love today!)

But that's the reality, right? Days turn into weeks. Weeks turn into months. And all of a sudden you don't have much to show for all the hard work you did.

Make your work matter

You do this by setting goals. Turning those goals into projects. And breaking down those projects into tasks. 

(This is the simple system found in my planner.)

First things first. You should have a money goal. 

Have you told your business how much money you need it make?

Write it down. 

Divide it by the remaining months of the year. 

Figure out what income sources will help you reach your monthly number, and how many you need to sell of each. 

Then break that down into projects and tasks.

These few...

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